Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Abortion and Oppression

I've noticed that there is one issue that nearly everyone seems afraid to speak of...


When fear takes hold,
we begin to stop talking.
When we stop talking,
we begin to stop thinking.
When we stop thinking,
we begin to stop caring.
When we stop caring,
we begin to lose touch.
When we lose touch (with Jesus, the Truth, our sense of right and wrong, our moral compass),
we begin to lose our way (wrong direction without our moral compass).
When we lose our way,
we are easily deceived.

When we are deceived,
we become willing to ask or take directions from either no one or anyone.

We allow ourselves to be led into dangerous areas.

Imagine being lost in the bad part of a city and trusting anyone on the street for directions.  Or, imagine driving around aimlessly in the bad part of a city afraid to ask anyone (even a police officer) for directions.

Without intervention, we enter deeper and deeper into danger.  We fall further and further into the net.  We become more and more vulnerable to attack.

When fear takes hold,
we are ripe for destruction.
We are easily used, easily abused, and easily taken captive.

In this condition, overcome by fear,
we are controlled and oppressed.
Our condition, our environment, the people and things that surround us, foul spirits - take control.
Once fully oppressed,
we are reduced to the condition of slaves.
Slaves of unrighteousness,
are apathetically complicit.
We become hopelessly ensnared by our original sin - fear.
In this condition, we find ourselves helpless.
Constantly, we are concerned about what others will think.
Completely, we are unconcerned with Truth.
We become separated - unable to know
and incapable of standing for righteousness.
Hopelessly, we are swept under a deluge of lies.
Mass media proclaims
our right to choose.
Yet we become more comfortable with letting others decide.

It seems easier to let others choose for us.
"It's settled law."
"It's mass consensus."
"It's cruel to offend."

No strength to escape,
and too afraid to pull back the shade.
Terrified to peek out the window.

"Oh what horrors may we see in the truth."

The unknown paralyzes us.

We are deathly afraid.
Even to entertain
the thought of escape - unmentionable.
Unable to recognize reality,
our hopeless condition -
a condition in which we are destroyed.

One moment at a time, we suffer
a slow, painless, quiet death.
Like frogs in hot water, we are ready to boil.
Numb we are to the Truth.
Numb we are to all right reason.
Secretly terrified,
we find ourselves
on our own
A singularity within the mass
is each of us
hurling into oblivion.

Soon, we become offended ourselves.
We become angry at anything that can actually help us escape.
Quickly we are irritated by any hint of righteousness.

It's very presence reminds us of something we have long chosen to forget.
Righteousness -
we don't want to remember
the cross of Christ.
The very sight swells our anger.

We find ourselves cursing the cross and all it represents - righteousness.

"Oh, if we could only forget
or bury its truth forever."

Or better yet, "let's reduce it to an object of no meaning, let's turn it into jewelry, to bring us some kind of cheap luck."

We don't like being angry.

We must forget about this thing - righteousness.

Our emotions become our weakness.
Our mask becomes our strength.
We must bury them - useless feelings, bleeding hearts, - all useless.
We must put an end to all this anger.
We must banish all emotion.
Let us create games as our outlet.
Let us outlaw thought.
Let us live without offending anyone.
It's better that way.
Let us call this "peace".
Peace of mind
is comfort
at all cost.

We must not be reminded of the possibility of escape,
or even the existence
of something else beyond our immediate sight.

We must remain
fully secure
in our immediate surroundings.
It is best
for ourselves
for our society
for our rulers.
For us to be
for common destruction.
Mass media proclaims
the end is near.

Do we see?

What begins in fear ends in bondage.

When we become slaves of fear
unrighteousness becomes free to rule.
When unrighteousness rules
we become unprepared.
Once unprepared,
lost and alone,
we are vulnerable.
Once we are vulnerable,
we are easily destroyed.

When the time comes
to give the right advice
or make the right choice - we freeze.
We choose the path of least resistance.
Out of apathy, born of fear,
we falter.
We let ourselves down.
We fail others.
It's then that our fall is complete.

Fear is sin (Revelation 21:8 KJV).

Let us repent and be free.

Let us speak the truth while we still can.

If you have made it this far,
take the time to consider your own condition.
Search your heart.
What do you fear?
What are you afraid to say?
What are those things that keep you
living in fear?
What do you know is true
and keep to yourself
out of your own selfish fear?

Consider this - OUR intervention.

This is OUR problem.

Are we unable to remember - where we went wrong?

Are we unable to recognize wrong at all?

In the lost condition, wrong seems right.

Everything becomes relative,
to ourselves,
to our personal (corrupt) feelings,
to our happenstance.
It's just easier to ignore,
to have no position,
to go with the flow.
It seems safer to walk quietly
into the eternal chamber of death.
Don't struggle.
It seems safer to die spiritually.

Do we see?

Everything is backwards.

Society says:
Death is safe and secure.
Death is preferred.
Death is encouraged, advertised, subsidized.
Death is celebrated.

It's our right to choose?

When our preference is death
life seems meaningless.
Our entire life becomes a lie.
Because in the lost condition
our life is death.

Without intervention,
our condition is hopeless.
We are afraid to consider treatment.
Our healing is stifled.

It's our right to choose?

It's our choice to choose.

Our choice is really the only thing left up to us - thank God.  For we have made a real mess of things with our wrong choices (Genesis 3:6).  Yet all of this can begin to change for each of us right now.  By choosing Jesus Christ, by believing in Him, by asking Him to open our eyes.  And with boldness, allowing Him the glory of leading us through every moment from this point forward.  Let us pray for Jesus to lead us completely out of this mess and into the fullness of all truth and all righteousness.  Amen?


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