Monday, April 30, 2012

Copy of Recent Facebook Discussion - KJV vs NIV

I had to delete someone. Why are the "King James Only" people so weird?
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    • Tina Pete Cunningham Ferguson hahahahaha! I hear that!!!! :)
    • Geanine Cruise Sad but true.
    • BreckMichelle HuyserSines this makes me giggle.. it is said, still makes me giggle.
    • Mary Richmond I personally prefer the NIV version, but that is just me.
    • Victor Yoder It's truely a form of idolatry. They worship a version instead of the Christ of the Bible.
    • Bob Jones The only translation that matters to me is how it translates into my life and then through my life.
    • Scott Smith Because they are usually the ones that everything is wrong like all music with a drum beat or all movies in the theater or all alcohol or women wearing pants or men with hair over their ears
    • Tempe Harris Easterday They don't understand freedom in Christ and grace. They are stuck in legalism. Sad!
    • Kristi Guffey-Wenrich Because there is something missing between Thee and Thou's. ;)
    • James Gould Thou shalt not questioneth my authoritieth!
    • Milton Almeida Because they are kjv only!
    • Milton Almeida Because they are kjv only!
    • Timothy Dingman Because they don't study. They just go with what other's have said and it sounds good so it's a band wagon they jump on.
    • Timothy Dingman If I had to choose a set of Scriptures and that would be my only and last set forever, I would choose the New American Standard (original) version as it is a much better translation (and includes the thees and thous).
    • David Twenter NASB is my choice as well, but I am really warming up to the Geneva Bible lately(1599 Edition). I enjoy reading the commentaries of the reformers and how much differently and acurately they interpret the scriptures than many do today.
    • Mimi Krstic sorry... sometimes I think Christians are so weird...myself included...just sayin...
    • Nancy A. Almodovar boggles my mind that they'd rather have a bible pushed into publication by a roman catholic queen to rid the British Empire of the Geneva bible and all it's study notes and then name it after a known pediphile and sodomite. I'm just sayin'
    • Linda Chapman That's a good question.....
    • Bobby Don Lewis I think - that some of these comments are somewhat judgemental and display a lack of charity. I am a KJV only-ist as it pertains to me only. There are a couple of different version of the bible tucked under the arms of those in my household but, as for me I prefer the KJV. All the females in my household wear pants or a dress, my son wore his hair below the tops of his ears and we do occassionaly go to the theater. To assert that ALL KJV only-ists are legalistic, unlearned - unstudied, idolaters and weird is hurtful and demeaning. I discovered - nay the Lord revealed to me the Doctrines of Grace as I studied His Word, prayed and fasted for His Truth. I did not jump on a band-wagon.
      WOW! I get this same kind of stereotyping from those who do not see the Doctrines of Grace. It comes from all sides I suppose. Once again, injured, by those with whom I will spend eternity with - at the feet of Him who died for the unlovely (me).
    • Pete Orta Bobby Don Lewis I heard they are hypersensitive as well. ha
    • Michele Heath actually, I am studying this right now in school. As it turns out, the KJV is based on later extant copies than some of the newer translations. That surprised me...
    • Michele Heath which means, that some of the newer translations are based on much earlier copies.. and are just as, if not more, accurate
    • Bobby Don Lewis Could be..........but, I'm sure it's due to sensitivety to the Spirit of Almighty God. God's speed Brethren!
    • David Twenter I have no problem with those who prefer the KJV, I do like some verses in the KJV better than in others, but I see a lot of KJV only churches today and they usually are pretty judgemental and legalisitic. Then I know some individuals who prefer the KJV, but don't say that it's the only true translation. We all have our preferences. I apologize if any of my comments were offensive, Bobby, but I don't think they were. God bless.
    • Marion Atchley I use the New King James Bible for church that is what my pastor preaches out of. I grew up on AKJV. I study out of the NASB Key Word Study Bible. I sometimes use my AKJV at Wednesday Night Bible Study. What is new to me now is seeing most of those in S.S. and Bible Study are useing their cell phones with what ever translation is easier to understand. So now in class we can get a good meaning of any passage. The problem I think with most people it doesn't matter what translation they have if they are not reading, studying, mediating on what they have read. The Bible says we are to be an Preculiar People, Different from the rest of the world. The world will hate us for loving Jesus. God has left two commands for us . Love God! Love one Another! God has used the KJV for the last 400 Years preserved His word. I believe He will preserve the right Translation(s) for the future. I believe pretty soon we will be with the written word Jesus. I fo prefer some translation over others. I was led to Christ by the words in the KJV, others were saved from learning out of other translation, because the truth is in them. I thank God for Jesus the Word made flesh, and I thank God for leaving a written word to find His Grace through Jesus, with Holy Spirits Guidance in the Word.
    • Susan Hamilton Campbell Jesus didn't read the King James Version ;-)
    • Susan Hamilton Campbell Neither did the Apostles or the First Century New Testament church.
    • Tina Pete Cunningham Ferguson I myself, have had too many thumps with a bible belting KJV Only, people. I do not intend to offend anyone, however MOST KJV only, people seem to have what ever "fits" their weird reason for "Thus sayeth the Lord". I believe & practice the 2 new laws Jesus left us with, however, when one starts acting weird on me, I love them from a distant. The old saying continues to be true, "we become the enviroment we are in."I CHOOSE to live in the "amplified" environment. I began to love the Lord back in the old testament as it foretold of who He would be & then the book of John. (it's like falling in love with my husband. I had to take time to get to know him, his family his history, ect.)
    • Carolyn Fisher oftah! We were King James only people for years! I think in my heart I still am because I love the color, flavor and the "weight" of the words. Aside from the fact that King James was based on an uncorrupted text. but After dying on that hill for so many years, I have given the battle to the Lord and enjoy reading other versions to get the sense and swim in the mighty world of God's world!
    • David Sommars Some people have a lot of problems with not seeing everything in black and white. The KJVers and their 50's stance on cultural issues dont require much out of the box reasoning just tradition. I love them but they do het weird sometimes
    • Dan Tolly Seriously? Knowest thou not, that the dear Apostle Paul himself wrote and spoke only Elizabethan English??? tsk, tsk, tsk
    • Cliff Durkin Because they never heard of the Geneva Bible or Esv lol......
    • Caleb Knox I use to be KJV only, to the extent that I thought it was the only reliable Bible. Looking back it didn't make much sense.
    • Carol Mosley Holmes I dunno but this school i have my lil girl at just wears me out!!! she gets so stressed about the language of the verses....she doesnt even get to what God might be speaking to her heart! but she wants to be around kids like her and its the only school i can afford....driving 2 hours a day getting her there and back! ugh!!!
    • Carol Mosley Holmes ‎"dunno" is not KJV... if you need a definition...let me know!
    • Matthew Foutch I prefer the King James Version. The reason that I prefer the King James Version over the New International Version is that the NIV OMITS ENTIRE VERSES from The Holy Bible.

      For example, verses (Matthew 18:11) and (Acts 28:29) and (John 5:4) do not appear in the NIV Bible.

      "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." (Revelation 22:19 KJV)

      A great comparison of the KJV to the NIV can be accessed here:

      A detailed presentation video comparing the KJV to the NIV can be accessed here:

      I pray for the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to open our hearts to receive only His pure word so that we may teach only His pure word. I pray for an end to the US -vs- THEY mentality. I pray that we realize the truth - that we are ALL God's children and that none of God's children are unworthy of His salvation and His Holy fellowship. In the powerful name of Jesus I pray - Amen.

      When we choose to exclude a voice on the basis that it seems "weird" we also exclude the opportunity for God to send us His truth through that voice.

      "I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for ALL men;" (1 Timothy 2:1)
      ‎(KJV)   "And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest....See More
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    • Pete Orta There is a big difference between people that enjoy the King James version of the bible and King James Only People. I have the Old Testament and the New Testament in the original Hebrew (Septuagint) and (Critical) Ancient Greek. I bought them both while I was in Greece. They are translated in English as well.... almost word for word with the NAS and the ESV. I can not say the same about the King James Verse.
    • Caleb Knox Matthew, How do we know that those verses that aren't in the NIV, NAS, and ESV weren't added wrongfully to the KJV manuscripts? The newer translations use much older manuscripts. Back when I was a KJV only guy my only argument was "All of the new versions take out entire verses." My logic was weird. Example: The NAS differs from the KJV, therefore the NAS is wrong. A lot of people don't know that the KJV was translated by a Catholic priest from over 7 manuscripts. However, the KJV has served the English speaking peoples well over that past 400 years, so I could only encourage it's use. I was saved with a copy just a few years ago.
    • Pete Orta I enjoy hearing Scriptures in Old English sometimes, but I've sacrificed it "sounding" holy for accuracy.
    • Cliff Durkin And remember the amount of both Puritan and C.O.E scholars that King James amassed to make the "authorized version." He hated the Puritan's footnotes from the Geneva since if one read carefully, one could find enough evidence against the Divine Right of Kings. But compared to "The Message" I'd take a KJV anyday.